A greener peace of mind

MACI LLC Paperless solutions is an application that is tailored to your needs for the definitive paperless experience.

My dream is to create a reality that leaves future generations with a cleaner world. I am doing my part. How about you?
Massimo Raia
Massimo Raia
CEO of Maci LLC California
Have you ever thought about…
The time, energy and space that it takes to store years worth of paper? Storing paper exposes you to risks, such as fires or water damage. Storing files paperlessly eliminates these risks and allows for easy recovery, anytime and anywhere.
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Maci Paperless take care
Our company will take care of the digital storage of all your important documents, using local storage, backup devices and cloud backup
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Up to 20% of productivity is wasted…
The productivity of an employee decreases due to manual document research. This inefficiency costs your company money and affects your bottom line.
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Maci Paperless doubles your Investment
Considering the increase of productivity of your employes and the saving for the wasted time this means that your are gaining double
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Litigation risk
The litigation cost for document loss could be very high. Consider also the frustration for something that maybe avoided easily
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Maci Paperless keeps you safe
Digital storage allows to you to recall and reproduce all of your company’s documents in a matter of seconds.
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The Enviroment will thank you…
Mother Earth and future generations will benefit from the wise choices we make now. Paperless is the solution and is our contribution to a cleaner world.
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Maci Paperless is green
A number of benefits are achieved by choosing Maci Paperless solution. Reduce business cost associated with paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges. Eliminate filing cabinets and reduce office space. Conduct businesses in a mobile environment resulting in faster responses to customers.
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